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Meal replacement shakes that give you everything you need

Energy Diet – balanced Energy Diet offers a wide range of mixes and shakes to fuel you for all the activities of the day. Our dietary substitutes will give you the energy you need to feel active and energised throughout every day. We produce meal substitutes packed with all the goodness and nutrients of a complete meal, in an easy-to-eat package.

You can have it in the morning, when you’re rushing off to work; you can have it for lunch, before heading off to your meeting; and you can have it in the evening, before crashing in for the night. Because it’s easy to prepare, you won’t have to drag yourself to the kitchen for lengthy food preparations.

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A choice of shakes for anyone and everyone

Energy Diet – balanced Different people have different lifestyles. And the same goes with their choice of food as well. While some may just be content with being having a clean and healthy diet, others may want to bolster their workouts with energising foods. Good thing is, Energy Diet’s meal replacement shakes in Dubai come in wide variety of options to help individuals achieve their daily dietary needs.

Whether you need a dietary supplement for your workouts, or you want something to help you achieve that thinner, leaner, slimmer body that you’ve always wanted, Energy Diet has you covered.

Consume 1 to 3 meals per day as a specialty preventive nutrition dietary product, and source of extra protein, vitamins and minerals for persons controlling body weight.

Preparation: mix 30g (one measuring spoon) of Energy Diet and 200 ml of 1.5% fat milk by intensive shaking in a closed container (shaker) at room temperature.

Close the lid tightly after use.

Do not use in case of hypersensitive to the product components. It is not a drug.

Allergens: Contains soya milk. Manufactured in a facility using egg, celery, fish, nuts.Haute Digestibilité (HD), an exclusive and patented system of highly digestible products:

23 vitamins and minerals
Enriched with royal jelly
Enriched with acérola
GMO free
15 full portions